A few weeks ago, we visited Washington D.C. to work with one of our favorite partners, the National Association of Manufacturers, to cover their 2019 STEP Awards banquet. This is the second year we've covered STEP for the Manufacturing Institute (the non-profit arm of NAM), and it turned to to be a great time. 
The STEP Awards is a gala and discussion session to recognize and empower women in manufacturing. One of the really interesting parts of being a video producer is that you end up in locations and at events that you wouldn't normally ever attend, and every one of them is interesting and informative. We are so fortunate to be in the role that  we are, to not only be able to learn about all kinds of new ideas and perspectives, but then also to get to go back and tell those stories to the world.
Every single person we spoke to had a unique and interesting story to tell, and every single person we heard from on the dais was inspiring and engaging. These are the types of stories we want to tell - let us tell your story!

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