Plexus and Null Swapper

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Inspiration, News & Tutorials


Plexus is a 3D point rendering plug-in for After Effects that can create some really neat and interesting designs. With a few tweaks,  you can make some pretty complex animations, though once you dig a little deeper and think about it, you can really make true awesomeness! I’ve only just scratched the surface of what one can do with it this past week, though I’m pretty happy with this first little animation I came up with.


One of the key things about using Plexus is that if you’re creating a custom design in 3D space, you can’t have the points generated from Null objects – you have to use Point lights. What this means is that if you’re motion tracking an object/multiple objects to which you want to attach Plexus points, you have to swap out the Null objects that are created with the track with Point lights. Now, if you only have a handful of Nulls, copy/pasting the data isn’t a huge deal. However, if you have a project like the one I worked on above, you can end up with quite a few points (see below) and would normally have to spend (waste) a lot of time transferring the data. And in all honesty, this project below is small compared to what it could be! Fortunately, I learned of a script written by David Torno called Null Swapper, that does all the work for you with just a click. It very easy to install and use, and even better, it’s free! It also works when you’re using Trapcode Particular, as that system also can work with lights, but not Nulls. So, thank you very much David for creating this script, and thank you even more for the low, low cost!


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