Penn State/Perdue

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in News & Tutorials

PSUvPER camera_sm

FS700 with 600-1300 Lens at Beaver Stadium


Last weekend, I was situated in the south end zone of Beaver Stadium for the Perdue/Penn State match up, set up with a Sony FS700 and a 600-1300mm lens, tasked with shooting XCU game highlights at 240fps. The FS isn’t the most ergonomically comfortable camera to shoot with (awkward record button placement, no side grips) but couple that with only being able to see a fraction of the field in the monitor, not to mention 20,000 SCREAMING students about 8 feet behind you, and you have a task that takes a little getting used to. Can’t wait to shoot more!


You can see some of the slow-motion goodness on the GoPSUTV YouTube page