Penn State Homecoming 2013

Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Completed Projects, News & Tutorials


Talk about a sweet gig! We were hired to shoot aerial beauty shots of the Penn State University campus and homecoming football game vs Michigan two weekends ago. Helicopter pilot Dan from Pine Bottom Aviation popped the door off his R44 Raven II and spent about an hour total in the air circling campus and Beaver Stadium while Gardner got the shots using a Canon DSLR and an Aerial Exposures X8 Three Axis Telescopic Mount.


Aerial Exposures X8



This was the first time we’ve worked with the X8 mount, and it preformed great with the DSLR setup (including rails and matte box). It plugs into a briefcase-sized battery pack that’s housed inside a Pelican case, and takes about 15 minutes to fully spin up, but once it does, the camera floats like butter, even through some pretty rough chop.


You can see a few quick clips from the shoot in this game highlight video:

UM v PSU Game Highlights


Or here’s a quick shot I managed to fire off in between the video
2013 Homecoming at Beaver Stadium