Object Removal with Mocha Pro/Mocha AE and After Effects

For the first installment of my new series of tutorials, I thought I’d show you how to remove a portion of your video that just isn’t working out the way you’d like.
To follow along, you’ll need image editing software like Photoshop, as well as After Effects CS5 or later. I’ll be using Mocha Pro to track the footage, and use that tracking data to composite in a “clean plate” that we’ll be creating specifically for this shot. While Mocha Pro does have a remove module built in that makes the round-trip to After Effects redundant, this tutorial is aimed at the user who only has After Effects bundled with Mocha AE, a stripped down version of Mocha Pro. There are also a few other little tips and shortcuts sprinkled in throughout that I’m sure you’ll find helpful.


I’m also very happy to note that in the two days this video has been online, it has already been featured on the Imagineer Systems Vimeo page, as well as a few other motion graphics design sites, notably, (Poland), and (France). Definitely check those pages out, as they have a great collection of other tutorials and info from around the web.



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