I love color charts!

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What did I ever do without having a color chart on-set? After spending so much time over these past few years as an editor, finally adding a color chart to my own production arsenal hit …



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Video Copilot recently released (yet another!) free plug-in that’s really helped speed up my After Effects workflow. I’m positive it can help out on your projects as well. Ad even if it doesn’t, you’re out …



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This is just a “for fun” project, worked on in my spare time to sate my need to create something original. It’s not much, but I learned a few things and that’s really the ultimate …

Guitar Plexus

Plexus Experiments

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Plexus is such a cool and powerful plug-in for After Effects. While you can use it pretty easily to generate really cool imagery and animations, I want to dig as deep into it as I …


Element 3D

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Video Copilot is a invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn After Effects. While host and effects guru Andrew Kramer likes to focus on “fun, guy-stuff” like making explosions, effects for the new Star …


The Art of Flight – Plexus Titles Tutorial

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  If you’re into snowboarding, you’ve no doubt heard of The Art of Flight. If not, it’s a film that came out about two years ago that’s a collaboration between Travis Rice/Brain Farm and Red …


Plexus and Null Swapper

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Plexus is a 3D point rendering plug-in for After Effects that can create some really neat and interesting designs. With a few tweaks,  you can make some pretty complex animations, though once you dig a …


Rokinon Cine Lens test Shots

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I received my three lens Rokinon Cine kit last week from B&H, but have only had the chance to shoot with them over the past two days, and unfortunately, for only about an hour just …


On the road

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So, this job of mine – shooting and editing video all over the world – is what I’ve been striving for my whole life.  I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel the world, meet new and …


NFL Network Promo Breakdown

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Greyscalegorilla is one of my favorite websites to learn about Cinema 4D and After Effects work. Nick Campbell and the rest of the crew have been very helpful to me as I was first wading …